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The Anime The Redefined Isekai – Is Re:Zero Good?

The modern Isekai anime is filled with several tropes that have become too repetitive and boring. They all feature a fantasy land where the protagonist is overpowered and overcomes every hurdle with ease. However, Re: Zero takes a much bolder approach. It retains the basic element of the Isekai genre while adding some fresh and new elements. So, is Re: Zero good? Let’s find out!

The anime follows the story of Subaru Natsuki, who has been summoned to another world. Without knowing what to do or why he’s here, he befriends a girl named Emilia after being saved by her.

What’s relatable about Subaru is that he is an otaku. And like otakus, he’s an introvert and an idealist. As a protagonist, he pretty much gives the best first impression. Having such a relatable character is one of the things that make Re: Zero a good anime in the start.

On the surface, the plot is pretty basic enough for the first season. We get to witness Subaru and Emilia fight off the bad guys and save themselves. Seems pretty basic, right? But there’s more to it.

Why Is Re:Zero Good?

The thing that’s most interesting about the show is the protagonist himself. Unlike most other characters that are just overpowered, Subaru is actually underpowered. In fact, it’s usually Emilia that’s helping him out more often. If you’ve been watching Isekai anime for a long time, you know that an overpowered protagonist is one of its worst tropes.

This anime solves the problem by giving Subaru a strong yet balanced ability. And that’s the ability to go back into the past after being killed. This ability allows him to gather info about the future and help Emili fight off any adversary they face. Solving this problem of the Isekai genre is one of many reasons Re: Zero is good.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Traveling back in the past should be very OP, right? Wrong. As it turns out, more often than not, we get to witness Subaru die multiple tragic deaths. The info he gains from the future doesn’t help as much as one would think.

For the sake of Emilia and his friends, Subaru ends up dying multiple times, and each time the death felt more and more tragic. As someone who can go back to the past after his death, he does eventually win. However, he has to go through so much, that at times, dying seems like the better option. The anime makes his death tragic each time. So, when he does succeed, it really becomes a heart-touching moment.

What the character has to go through eventually turns the bright otaku into a mature and stoic warrior. This development of the protagonist alone makes the answer to the question “Is Re: Zero good?” Yes! I  think it’s definitely an anime that’s worth a watch.

When Does Re: Zero Get Good?

Now that it’s established that Re: Zero is good, the question remains, “when does Re: zero get good?” Slow pacing can be a real pain in the neck for some people; And to tell you the truth, this anime caught my eyes right off the bat. It has interesting characters like Rem, Emilia, and the protagonist himself, who capture the viewer’s attention very early on. I’d say it’s an anime that gets you hooked in the first few episodes.

However, instead of asking “when does Re: Zero get good?” a more appropriate question is actually “when does it become a masterpiece?” yup, you read that right. After a certain point, this anime became so special that it’s not far-fetched to categorize it as a masterpiece.

I’d say the anime becomes a masterpiece in the second season as more and more mysteries about the world are revealed to the viewers. All the characters like Emilia and Subaru also gain some great character development. Even though it’s an anime that’s going to catch your eyes from the start, by the end of the second season is when you’ll fall head over heels for the show.

Final Conclusion

If you’re someone who loves Isekai anime, or maybe you’re someone who’s just bored by them because of the tropes, then I’d highly recommend you try out this anime. Re : Zero is a good anime not only because it redefines the Isekai genre but also because it manages to retain all the elements we already love about Isekai.

It’s definitely a fresh anime for both Isekai lovers and haters. I’d rate this anime a solid 10/10!

Anime Figures For Re:Zero Fans

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