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Dear Chosen One, you hereby consent to our Terms Of Service and agree to its conditions upon request for a commission.  Per your request for a commission, you made a vow to have read, understood, and agreed to all the following terms and conditions.

What Can I Edit, You Ask?

What Can't I Edit, You Ask?

How To Order ?

  • Where My Boundaries Lie  
    • Prices are subject to change without notice and based on demand depending on the complexity of the design. 
    • I reserve the right to reject your requests if such tasks are not within my comfort zone for any reason. 
    • By default, my commission designs will include my signature, “EverlyAnime”. For commercial use and removal of signature, please directly contact me for details regarding the price. 
  • Payments & Refunds
    • Currency Accepted:   USD. Payments are made via Paypal. 
    • Please provide your Paypal email for invoices. 
    • No refunds once payment has been made upfront. Please be clear and transparent with your requirements before proceeding.

  • Deadlines & Wait Times
    • Please understand that I will do my utmost best to complete your requested commission in a reasonable time.  I personally don’t provide any deadlines or estimated completion times.  
    • There shall be a global waiting time. Unless otherwise stated, you may request a deadline at an additional cost. Your deadline request must remain reasonable. (Example: Getting your requests done in 10 minutes or less is impossible for any normal human being, especially depending on the complexity of the task).  
    • Trello will be set up for you to see my progress for your requested commission.
  • Process & Delivery 
    • Revisions are subject to extra fees. Additional costs are added depending on the complexity of the revisions required  prior to your approval and post approval. What I do is quality and timely work, please ensure that your requested revisions are clear and precise and  in the initial phases to start with. 
    • Please do include referenced images and visual indicators to help me help you communicate your desired requirements. 
    • Please understand that you are receiving a digital product in the form of the following formats provided upon delivery:   Full Resolution PNG,  JPG. 
    • When the commission project is completed,  images can be resized and provided for upon request. 

  • Permissions & Consent
    • I have the right to add your requested commission in social media platforms to include as part of my portfolio. 
    • I have the right to self-promote, display, and post your requested commission everywhere.
    • You, the dear client, have the right to upload the requested commission with proper attribution and credit. (For commercial use, please contact me for details regarding the price.)  
      • The client is allowed:  Personal use for commission work unless agreed otherwise. (Can be uploaded to all social media platforms, printables, forums, interior decorating, and the like.)
      • The client is allowed: To self-promote with the requested commission. Attribution and providing credit  is not required, but it is appreciated.  
      • The client is allowed:  To use the requested commission for monetization methods on their social media platforms like:  YouTube Channels, YouTube Videos.  
    • Copyright Infringement Are As Follows:  
      • Reproducing/using the copyrighted image commercially – Which basically means you are profiting from it. (Please contact me directly for commercial use price.  Thank  you.) 
      • Claiming the graphic designed edits as your own.
      • Removing my brand signature from the commissioned piece unless otherwise requested.  

  • Cancellation Policy
    • Full refunds will be allowed if I am unable to proceed with your commission.  
    • If you cancel your order before I have started on your commission, you are subject to a refund. Basically, if I don’t get to it, you can request a full refund.
    • No refunds allowed once your requested commission is undergoing the following statuses: a work-in-progress or completed. Requesting a Paypal chargeback at any point in time when you are not allowed to request for a refund will result in losing the aforementioned rights to the commission. The chargeback will be declined by me. Paypal will be supplied with evidence and details, if and when the work has been completed for you. You will lose the right to request further commissions from me. Take heed. 


If the rules to be abided by has been dishonored by the client and has solemnly betrayed the terms of services mentioned above,  the client will lose all the previously mentioned  rights to the commission edited by me, and I will have the right to gain profit further from this in any way I see fit.  If any issues arise with these statements, please discuss them with me prior to making a purchase for your requested commission. Please and thank you.

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