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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Episode 2! Although it wasn’t much of a twist, we learn the rumor about Hanako-san of the Bathroom is actually a boy and through a twist of fate, he has chosen our main female lead, Yashiro Nene to be a faithful human assistant! I wonder what rumors lie in store for us?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 2 – Yousei-san

Hanako-kun has made our poor human assistant, Nene, clean the girl’s bathroom regularly. Figures.  Wait, wouldn’t that be the school janitor’s job? It would make sense since he is bound to a toilet. And toilets get dirty quite easily.  Tsk tsk tsk. School janitor not doing their job properly it would seem. Dirty Toilet = Dirty Hanako-kun. It’s no wonder he inquired Nene about “naughty” stuff when she mentions another guy she’s interested in.

Nothing like a good ol’ ghost blocking you from love with cleaning duty.

It’s a normal school day and suddenly your stuff goes missing. We get introduced to Nene’s friend, Aoi who is yet another adorable character. She first speaks about a rumor where Yousei-san will take your belongings when you need them the most.  If you do look at Yousei-san, they will take your life.  
And yet the students from the school are missing a lot of their belongings already.  Out of clumsiness, Aoi trips and drops her watering can on Nene.  Her pink-like scales start to form and she runs off in a hurry. We can’t forget about Nene’s curse now, can we? It does make me wonder if she bathes in fish form and has to flop out to get dry again. 
In any case, she stumbles on a clean towel, on the floor, in the middle of a hallway.   How convenient! It doesn’t stop there though.  Nene stumbles on a trail of lost things leading up to Yousei-san himself!  What luck. Hanako-kun makes his appearance to save Nene once again. 
Upon Yousei-san’s defeat, they’ve turned into multiple harmless pink bunnies known as Mokke. That’s cute! We learn that most apparitions cannot go against rumors about them, otherwise, they’d eventually vanish from the living world. So, Nene must change the story rumors surrounding them into a more positive outcome. All you gotta do is carry around candies if you’re suffering from Yousei-san.You won’t be killed and you’ll stop losing things. What a nice twist.

At this point, it feels like a fairy tale of ghost stories where our trusty apparition, Hanako-kun is there to save the day!  A storybook telling experience. 

We are then introduced to a new character who so happens to be an exorcist. We find him laughing hysterically and other students who find him questionably delusional.  He has quite a lively personality. There are comedy elements that follow through and we find out that our new lead, Minamoto Kou wants to exorcise the supposed  “evil spirit”, Hanako-kun. Σ(°ロ°)
A fight ensues between them and we are left with mixed feelings about Hanako-kun’s past. Hanako-kun ends up winning and sealing up  Kou’s staff out of concern for his well-being.  Nene shows her concern for Hanako-kun by hiding the staff from Kou while he’s knocked out. Then, Hanako-kun says something quite disturbing. “You can even make friends with murderers, Yashiro”.  She’s left speechless.  I’m speechless.  And now I’m genuinely more curious about what happened prior to Hanako-kun’s death and his past life. 

Overall Enjoyment: 9 / 10

Σ(°ロ°)  I. Am. Hooked.  I enjoy the  radio teasers previewing the next episodes! It certainly piqued my curiosity even more. 

What’s Next?

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