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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 3 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun). We recently learned from the previous episode that Hanako-kun actually has a dark history behind his past. I’m sure there must be a reason for him to kill someone. What story shall we hear this time around?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may or may not contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 3 – The Misaki Stairs, Part 1

Nene is bothered by what Hanako-kun said and Aoi attempts to cheer her up with scary stories. What’s interesting is that all the rumors she talks about tend to eerily come true.
She speaks of the second of the Seven Wonders. We start to learn of this ghostly tale of the Misaki Stairs where one must never step foot on the fourth stair. Or else you’ll get dragged off into the world of the dead and proceed to be ripped into shreds. By twilight, that stair drips with the blood of its victims.  My oh my, how ghastly. 
Next school day, Nene finds out Aoi’s flowers are gone. I’m looking at you too Yousei-san! But, it would seem they’re not the culprit this time around. Aoi’s desk is gone as well and Nene questions her peers and family members about Aoi’s disappearance and everyone doesn’t remember her. A mysterious dilemma indeed. 
Another suspicious character? Hmm. 
Nene accidentally bumps into this “hot gentleman” and she’s already smitten. Heh. Meanwhile, in the girl’s bathroom, Nene inquires about her missing friend’s appearance in Hanako-Kun. We also find out Kou’s classmates have disappeared also!  Casually ignoring the fact he barged into a girl’s bathroom. 
Hanako-kun proceeds to explain the boundary between the spirit world and the human world. When a living human happens to step into the spirit world, their whole existence is erased. The trio: Hanako, Nene, and Kou decide to go on a find-and-rescue mission by traveling beyond the forbidden boundaries of the other world.
Upon entrance, the trio wanders off and is already alarmed by a phone call. Nene answers the call and we hear from Misaki for the first time. We learn that she used to be a teacher at the school Nene goes to and was unfortunately sliced up at the location they entered before the art room.  Misaki first tasks the trio with finding her “right arm”.  
We are met with more comedy relief and their ongoing banter brings a smile to my face. 
I feel the same girl. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Same…
The time of the hourglass has run out and the trio gets chased by giant scissors and creepy dolls.  This teacher must really hate slackers.  In the spur of the moment, the trio accomplishes their first task at the gated point. Misaki continues to task the trio to find more body pieces of her one by one and we learn a little more about her past.  
The story continues to intrigue me and I’ve realized the gradual yet emotional investment I’ve become of our characters’  endeavor. I also question about the other Wonders of the school. 
Kou becomes irritated about their treasure hunt for body pieces and ponders about Misaki’s weaknesses instead. Hanako then proceeds to explain about “Yorishiro” which are precious objects like batteries that give power to the Seven Wonders. If one breaks their  ‘batteries’, it will weaken the Wonder.  
Easier said than done though. The trio must still climb to the deepest depths of the stairway in order to reach Yorishiro. It makes one wonder though why Misaki is making them look for her parts anyway if she didn’t have them? Who is actually making those phone calls?

Enjoyment: 9 of 10

I grow ever curious! The mini-short at the end for Nene’s bath time was cute too! It must be so convenient to save water and shampoo by simply plopping yourself into a bowl.

What’s Next?

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