Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Anime Review: Episode 04


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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 4 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun). We recently learned from the previous episode that there’s more to the Misaki Stairs than meets the eye. Nene is on the search for her dear friend Aoi with the help of Kou and Hanako-kun.
What story shall we hear this time around?

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Episode 4 – The Misaki Stairs, Part 2

The trio finally reaches the top of the Misaki Stairs and Nene  gets startled by something next to her feet. A floating head. How frightening! The comedy bits certainly help lighten up the mood since I get tense easily. We see the floating head fall off a possibly ‘bottomless” waterfall and Nene comments on not being able to see the bottom. 
The screen pans to a body on a chair. We see all the collected body parts that the trio found based on instructions that ‘Misaki’ has provided.  I chuckle at the sight. A tutu with a big bust and abs. A combination I never thought I’d ever see! 
Nene is pleased with the leg and the bust, but the rest… eh? 
The supposed “Misaki” makes her entrance to the trio. She’s really beautiful! Although I wonder what is the point of collecting body parts for her? She rushes on to inspect their newly built doll. You would think she’d be disappointed, but she actually calls it a wonderful body! What! 
Apparently, she doesn’t know what a human body is made of. I’m given the impression that she simply likes to collect dolls and calls them “Misaki”?  I now wonder what this beauty’s name really is if she’s not Misaki.  I’ll just call her Number 2 since she’s the 2nd Wonder of the 7th wonders. 
To my utter shock,  she reanimates ‘doll’  and it falls apart. She calls it a failure and isn’t pleased with the result.  Nene tries to use this chance to ask the beauty if she has seen any other kids. The scene turns dark and Number 2 informs that the kids who failed are all around us.  They’ve become lifeless dolls. Oh no! 
Nene is terrified when she finds the body of lifeless Aoi in the form of a doll. Her head falls off and I’m left speechless. We soon see the true intentions of Number 2 and she becomes a force to be reckoned with. 
A fight ensues and Kou tries to protect Nene against her scissor attacks! But, his arm turns into a doll’s arm?!  Hanako then explains that her scissors turns humans into dolls when it cuts them. How unsettling. 
Hanako-kun proceeds to explain that her Yorishiro must be broken in order to weaken her and  utilize the full extent of his powers. In the meantime, Kou distracts Number 2 while Hanako goes to comfort Nene. We see Nene grieving her beloved friend and Hanako explains she’s still alive. 
With a moment of determination, Nene states she is willing to do anything to get her friend back. A mischievous Hanako replies back, “Anything”?” At this point, we already know he’s up to no good. He proceeds to tie her up attached to a rope and drops her into a waterfall, which I thought was bottomless. Apparently that is not the case.  Hanako’s reasoning was that Number 2’s Yorishiro must be at the very bottom if it’s not at the very top. 
Kou and Hanako-kun work together to distract Number 2 while Nene goes on a search for Yorishiro. Nene stumbles on a secret diary and we finally get to know the real Misaki who is actually a male teacher she admires. 
Number 2’s past unravels in this diary and we learn of the unfortunate events that led to her becoming the way she is presently. Number 2 confronts Nene about Misaki. Hanako-kun intervenes in the near murder attempt on Nene’s life. He proceeds to restrict her mobility while Nene makes her escape to break Number 2’s Yorishiro. 
A flashback follows and we learn that Number 2 is actually an adorable fox spirit named Yako. We also learn all the students that were dolls turn back to normal when morning comes and won’t remember anything that happened prior to their disappearance. All’s well that ends well!
This adorable kitsune is so feisty though!
Remember that ‘hot gentleman’ that Nene bumped into on Episode 3?  Turns out his name is Natsuhiko. He seems to work for this green-haired beauty. What am I saying? Everyone in this anime is cute and pretty. 

Enjoyment: 10 of 10

Hanako and Nene’s reaction with ‘kitsune udon being a better idea’ got a chuckle out of me. There’s many surprises, dark horror tones, and well thought out scenes that I enjoyed. Whether to laugh or be afraid? This series handles it well. 
This episode is quite juicy in terms of the plot!  To top it off, there’s a kiss scene between Hanako and Nene.  So cute! Me being a fan of romance, this made it a bonus for me. 
I also feel bad for Kou who is now an adorable doll that has been forgotten by our main characters. That mini-short: “Tell  Me, Hanako-Kun:  Size”  puts a smile on my face. You just don’t talk about Nene’s daikon legs okay? 

What’s Next?

Go watch it on Funimation!

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