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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 5 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun). In the previous episode, we learned about Yako’s past with Misaki-sensei. Hanako-kun has given Nene a good luck charm and she was quite surprised.
What story shall we hear this time around?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 5 – The Confession Tree

Her hairstyle is really cute in this scene.
Akane-kun proclaims his love for Aoi with his weed techniques.  A new ship for me to sail?  Right on!  
Nene wonders when she’ll ever return to normal and not having to worry about her pink scales. Nene has also been troubled by  Hanako-Kun’s actions previously. What did the kiss mean? Does he like her? Her hairstyle is so adorable in this scene.  It’s only been almost a month since Nene met Hanako-kun. 
She confides in Aoi for romantic advice. They both come to the conclusion that a kiss out of the blue certainly means he likes her.  Even I would think the same as well. Nene stutters and mentions that he’s really not her type. Aoi then explains a confession should happen soon and it wouldn’t hurt to try going out with him! 
This is where “The Confession Tree” comes in. There is a rumor that this tree was raised by a god of love and if you confess your love to someone under it, you’ll become a couple for sure.
It looks like an ordinary tree.  I actually had a tree in my school that was littered with gum ‘cause students thought it’d be cool to make it as colorful as a Christmas tree.  
That didn’t turn out too well.  ( ̄ヘ ̄)
We then see Akane-kun rehearsing a confession with his friend. Aoi noticed there are more couples than usual in their class lately all thanks to the confessions under that tree. I already think I want this magical tree so that I can become a magical matchmaker. Heh.  
Later that day, Hanako-kun requested Nene to meet him at the big tree by the garden.Nene  shows her utter shock and disbelief.  Of course there’s something off about that tree!? I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet. 
Aoi shows her distress about  our new male to male couple due to that rehearsal.  What an interesting dilemma. Turns out Akane-kun and Aoi are childhood friends, but she never thought Akane-kun would turn to Yamabuchi. How unfortunate. 
Nene comments on how scary that confession tree is. But that doesn’t matter! She’s gonna get a confession of her own. Hanako confesses and Nene is ectatic~! Yet, the excitement is short-lived and Hanako urges her to reject him. 
A tree spirit appears! Tree spirit attacks Nene and is protected by Hanako’s protective charm.
The usual happens while Hanako disciplines this apparition and he becomes a small tree. We learn he was a Kodama that caused the unnatural increase in couples. Figures. 
Nene finally understands that she got the wrong idea about Hanako’s intentions. Hanako jokingly remarks she must have been disappointed it wasn’t even a real confession until he stops to realize it’s true. The tears and disappointment on Nene’s face holds true and questions him about the kiss the other day. Hanako then explains  that the kiss was a charm meant to keep Nene  from being attacked.
(Awwwh (─‿‿─)♡….But yeah that’s misleading).
Nene slaps him. Hanako can’t help, but apologize for his misleading actions. 

His flustered face is so cute. Nene can’t help but forgive him. 

The two share a hug and Nene feels like wanting to know more about Hanako-kun for the first time. We later see Kou being sandwiched in the middle between Nene and Hanako. They banter about love and compatibility readings and it’s all-around fun. 
Hanako advises Nene to do a reading on someone she likes similar to Minamoto-senpai. Nene then claims she only idolizes him like a celebrity she is perfectly fine with just looking at. At that point, I got confused with Kou and realized it’s actually Kou’s older brother, Teru.
Teru shows up and is introduced to each other for the first time. It would seem he wishes to exorcise all of the 7 wonders including Hanako-kun too. This doesn’t bode well. Kou believes Hanako is a good apparition, but Teru doesn’t think so. Out of consideration for Kou, Teru decides to hold out a little longer. 
Meanwhile,  Nene decides to research stories behind Hanako in the school library. She meets the green-haired girl for the first time. It would seem she knows something about  Hanako-kun. A mysterious character indeed. She advises Nene to seek out the 5th  of the 7th wonders and disappears. 
The following day, Nene confides in Aoi about the 5th wonder which is  the 4 o’clock library which can only be entered at 4PM. The books inside have the names and records of people on them. What’s interesting is that these books also include what they’ve done and what they’re going to do. A past and future book? Sign me up! 
Aoi then warns Nene to be careful. The library has three types of books: white, black, and red. 
White =  Records of living people.
Black =  Records of dead people.
Red  = The only ones you must not read.  
The green-haired girl says no interference is needed. Another  Hanako (?)  makes an appearance. What?
One can only wonder.  This feels like one of those stories where curiosity can kill the cat. A cat has 7 lives. I’m just putting out thoughts in case there might be any relevance to it. I’m looking forward to the next episode!

Enjoyment: 9 of 10

I’m enjoying the relationship dynamic between Hanako and Nene.  Like Nene, I’m curious to know more about Hanako’s past, his death, and that compatibility reading! Heh. (°◡°) I would say the apology scene is my favorite. But, minus 1 point for making her cry. 
There’s more than meets the eye with the green-haired girl and there might be a dark version of Hanako-kun?  Or his twin? The color of the paper on his cheek seems different.  I’m curious to know more!
Kou finds out Nene turns into a fish when she gets wet in the mini-short, “Listen, Hanako-kun: The Revelation”!  He realizes it’s similar to The Little Mermaid. I liked the drawing for Nene as a cute mermaid. It’s a nice touch! 

What’s Next?

Go watch it on Funimation!

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