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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 6 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun). In the previous episode, Nene learns of the rumor behind the 4 o’clock library. Nene wants to learn more about the mysteries shrouding Hanako-Kun’s past.
What story shall we hear this time around?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 6 – The 4 O’clock Library

Nene was too afraid to go alone to the library based on the rumors she heard from Aoi. Kou decides to accompany her. Nene felt bad for asking him, but he reassures her that it’s no problem. In fact, he was actually curious about learning about Hanako’s book as well. Not because it was his duty to exorcise him, but he genuinely feels like it’s not right to exorcise Hanako for being an apparition. 
Nene cheers Kou on to give it their best shot. His heart becomes touched and his body stunned. 
[Oh dear, I think Kou is starting to develop a crush on Nene.] 
Nene questions Kou and gets distracted by a fluttering butterfly passing by. 
Nene makes an attempt to interact with the butterfly and a door suddenly appears! Nene and Kou enter the Boundary and it looks like your usual library, but with webs and butterflies. I’ve also noticed the Mokkes appearing in all the episodes thus far are so cute in assisting Nene on her endeavors.
Nene relays information about the colored books to Kou. So, Kou understands he must look for a black book regarding Hanako. Nene follows the butterfly leading up to a white book, “Yashiro Nene”. She becomes curious. 
Kou blushing is cute. What a good boy holding the ladder for her.
Nene opens her book and starts reading. We find out she wrote a poem about her feelings for Hanako-kun despite him not being her type. 
[Awwwwh <3] 
Nene slams the book shut and Kou questions what she’s found out.  Nene shyly relays that the rumors are true, but this isn’t Hanako’s book and she might find out more if she reads the future parts. 
The moment Nene starts turning the pages towards the future, the other pages start to bleed red. This can’t be good. 
Nene makes a shocking discovery about herself that she has not ever known before. Her first ever date! Unfortunately, it did not work out due to her legs being too fat. [Oh come on!]  
At this point, she decided to just focus on clues about Hanako-kun instead. 
She finally stumbles on a page labeled, “Learns the true identity of Wonder number seven”. 
Blood drips out and lands on her dress. The white pages gradually seeps into a red colored hue.
Nene becomes bewildered. Just a little more and she would’ve found out about Hanako-kun.
[This isn’t a good idea. Maybe you should stop reading Nene. Although I’m curious also!]
Nene attempts to turn the page and the blood drips land on Kou’s face.  
Several butterflies aflutter. 
Nene finds out Hanako-kun’s real name. 
An unknown green-like entity appears next to Nene and makes an attempt to eat her. [Oh dear I’m nervous. Σ(°ロ°)]  
Kou jumps in to save her. Nene questions and then soon realizes the entity before her.  Kou attempts to attack back with his super staff, but poof. [I nearly forgot about that seal.]
Out of frustration, Kou yells out Hanako and he appears! Oh goodness. 
Hanako becomes badass as usual, dodges the swarm of butterflies, and aims for the head. 
Hanako-kun turns around, cheerfully greets the two, and proceeds to separate Nene from Kou. 
[I think I could get used to this.]

I love the amount of hugs he gives her. 

The teacher enters the hallway to pick up a red book. Kou and Nene question what their teacher is doing here. Apparently, he is no ordinary teacher by any means when he casually crushes an entity behind him with his spare arm. Wait. Spare arms? 
He captures Kou and Nene with his spare arms. Both are startled. Teacher questions why the book is red and mentions if they read into the future. Hanako-kun urges the teacher not to tease them. It turns out  he isn’t so bad after all.
We find out he is Wonder number five, the 4 O’clock library and a manager named Tsuchigomori. So, he isn’t human.  Interesting. The teacher states that rumors are needed to be kept alive and suggests that even their friends may not be human. 
Yako-san appears and it would seem Hanako-kun is planning on having all seven wonders work together to scare humans and keep the peace within the school. 
Hanako-kun deducts that there may be a traitor among the seven wonders due to ties to a human. He suggests the idea to destroy the Wonder’s Yorishiro, so they don’t have to go out of their way to find a traitor or anyone going out of control. 
I like how Hanako  is using Nene’s hands to make a demand.  Heh. 
Tsuchigomori agrees to hand over his Yorishiro after obtaining  personal secrets for entertainment. Nene confesses she kept an exchange  diary with her imaginary boyfriend. I’d be embarrassed to hand over a secret like that too. Tsuchigomori starts calling out her pure delusion and that she still keeps the diary.  Oof I felt that. Kou confesses that he is super scared of Setsubun oni masks. It’s understandable. If I woke up to a wall of scary masks, I’d be traumatized. Tsuchigomori isn’t too impressed though. Savagery. 
Out of unfairness, Kou calls out Hanako to spill his secrets too. Turns out Tsuchigomori already knows enough and didn’t need to hear it. Darn. Hanako teases, “do you want to know about me that badly?”. The two exclaim, “we  do!”.   Hear, hear! 
Hanako shyly confesses that he likes donuts. His favorite? Homemade regular donuts. Now I’m craving donuts. Why do you do this to me? 
Tsuchigomori is satisfied with the outcome of events and opens a hidden bookshelf. He allows only the ‘priestess’ Nene, to be led to his Yorishiro. Kou isn’t too pleased.  Hanako’s eyes look serious before he lets her go. Nene looks back before the bookshelf closes between them. 
Tsuchigomori questions what Nene thinks of Hanako-kun. It would seem Tsuchigomori  was worried  about Hanako and was satisfied with Nene’s answers. 
Nene then questions the possibility of changing what’s written in the books at the 4 O’ clock library. Tsuchigomori  states it is impossible to change, but he has seen it once. “The moment the future changes,” he says. 
They arrive at their destination and Nene takes notice of the beautiful sparkling  jewelry in the room. She inquires which one is the Yorishiro, until he puts down a plain-looking rock.  To her dismay, she calls it filthy. 
Tsuchigomori explains he got this from a human who  was able to change the future written in his book. It so happens to be a moon rock.  Nene grew curious and asked more about this human. An ordinary human who loved  stars, is awkward with words, and grades that weren’t great. 
Memories of Yorishiro flash by like that of a dream and we learn more of Yugi Amane’s past. It would seem Nene was passed out and was taken to the Infirmary as a result. She learns who Hanako-kun used to be.  
Tsuchigomori read the book about Yugi growing up to be a science teacher and that his love for stars developed. If he’d  lived, he’d be teaching at the same school as him. Unfortunately, he died an untimely death that wasn’t supposed to happen. Tsuchigomori leaves it at that and offers to lend an ear since he is still technically Nene’s teacher despite not being human. 
We hear pitter-patter footsteps and Hanako-kun glomps Nene out of excitement to see her again and he thanks her for keeping the peace by breaking Yorishiro.
Nene looks concerned and hugs Hanako-kun. She is saddened by him not having any body heat. She knows he’s a ghost, is already dead, and yet doesn’t know what face to make.  
Hanako-kun notices something is wrong and confronts Tsuchigomori for her weird behavior. 

That knife behind him though…

Tsuchigomori relays the fact that they only discussed about his Yorishiro. Hanako-kun grows curious that his Yorishiro might have been a super dirty book. Heh typical. Tsuchigomori  denies it and says “You never change.” 

Enjoyment: 10 of 10

So, no usual opening or usual ending. Whoa. It didn’t disappoint!  I was more hooked than ever and the story progress continues to get better! We finally learn about Hanako’s identity and his true name: Yugi Amane. This episode is just so wholesome. I can’t even. The amount of hugs between Nene and Hanako are cute! 
The transition between horror and comedy has blended so well, that it really does feel like a grim fairy tale-like story to this series. I was also concerned about the confrontation near the end.  It seemed like Hanako was ready to kill his teacher if Nene learns a dark secret she wasn’t supposed to. I mean look at that knife though.

What’s Next?

Go watch it on Funimation!

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