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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 7 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun). We recently learned from the previous episode about Tsuchigomori and the 4 o’clock library. Nene was able to see glimpses and fragments of Hanako-Kun’s past.
What story shall we hear this time around?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may or may not contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 7 – Donuts

Hanako notices Nene’s weird behavior.
Nene is cleaning the girl’s bathroom as usual. Kou is helping out too! However, Hanako-kun notices something is off about Nene’s demeanor. Hanako tells Nene she doesn’t even grumble while she cleans anymore. Nene thinks it’s a good thing, but Hanako-kun says it’s boring.
A moment of silence, Hanako turns her head, and he asks why she doesn’t look at him. He looked concerned. Nene frantically exclaims she’ll look at him if he lets go of her face. 
They’re so cute. 
Nene can’t help but avoid Hanako’s gaze ever since she had a glimpse of what transpired at the 4  o’clock library. She exclaims to herself she’s a normal girl  and it seemed weirdly real  of what she witnessed.
It’s bathroom cleaning day and she’s nervous about seeing Hanako-kun. Kou sees Nene tending to her garden and greets her. Nene is surprised to see him.  She wonders what brings him here to see her. Apparently, Kou wanted to ask a favor from her. Nene grows curious. 
“Do you know how to make donuts, Senpai?,” he asks. 
Apparently, Kou has made a complete disaster of the place while cooking with his big brother. “I’m hopeless,” he says. Nene is shocked. On top of that, Kou informs Nene that she doesn’t have to worry about bathroom cleaning and already talked it over with Hanako. 
Nene thanks Kou for the gesture. She later questions why Kou needed help with donuts and he looks surprised that she asked. While scrambling and stuttering for an excuse, he says his little sister wanted donuts and apologizes for the sudden inconvenience. Nene is confused, but she reassures him and continues the process of making donuts.
Nene admits she was actually feeling awkward with Hanako-kun lately and quickly explains to Kou that they didn’t have a fight or do anything. It is just that she was feeling uncomfortable. It seemed she was stirring aggressively and Kou took over. 

Uh oh! Is this a new ship?  

Kou continues to guide her with the mixing process. For a moment, Nene thought he was bad at cooking, but it seems that’s not the case. 
Kou answers her that seeing ghosts can get exhausting and  even though he’d always been able to see them, it gets to him sometimes too. He offers to lend her an ear and have her grumble whenever she likes. That’s sweet of him.
Nene gets flustered and asks for personal space. Out of embarrassment, Kou jumps away, apologizes, and mentions it was out of habit of cooking with his sister. 
Nene confides in him since he offered to help. After Kou listens to her story, Nene draws the conclusion that maybe she shouldn’t stay friends with Hanako-kun.  [Nooooooo!]
She exclaims Hanako-kun is dead! She spouts that he’s an evil spirit, a school wonder, and a murderer. His situation is all around complicated for her because she doesn’t know how to treat him. 
[Well, she does have a point… It is kind of depressing.]
However, she can’t leave him  alone. She still wants to know more about Hanako-kun. Even though there’s  nothing she can do, she genuinely wants to help him. 
Kou agrees with Nene. 
He wonders if he should exorcise him or not. He questions what is truly the right thing to do. Instead of the right thing to do, Kou wants to make up his mind on what he wants to do. He makes a point by saying both of them don’t know what they should do like birds of a feather.
Nene and Kou successfully made fresh delicious donuts. Just as Kou was about to try his first donut, Teru interrupts him. Their little banter occurs and Teru feels left out of eating donuts after he went through the trouble of getting the ingredients for them. 
Teru casually greets Nene. She responds shyly. Nene informs Teru that Kou asked her to help him make donuts because he’s bad at cooking. Teru looks surprised and wanted to imply that he’s actually a great— Kou stuffs his mouth with donuts. 
Kou hurriedly shovels donuts into a bag and gives them to Nene.  He whispers to Nene that donuts are Hanako-kun’s favorite food and it should make him happy if she gives him some.  That’s sweet!
Nene catches on and goes to see Hanako-kun with donuts in hand. As she leaves, Nene thanks him for inviting her to make donuts to help her and Hanako-kun. Kou feels touched as a result.
Teru wonders why he goes through the trouble and asks if it has something to with that apparition. Kou makes a stand. Even though he’s weak, has never exorcised an apparition, and is not as smart as his own brother, Kou believes it’s not right to exorcise all of them. 
He wants to become as strong as Teru and when the time comes he’ll exorcise the apparition if he has to. Kou continues to reassure Teru that he’ll keep an eye on the apparition so that nothing can go wrong. Teru decides he’ll just observe for now.

Mokke spying. They seem like bad news.

In the meantime, Hanako-kun is excited about Nene giving him donuts. Hanako-kun says she seems normal now, but lately she was acting weird. Nene makes a statement. She tells him that he is different from normal people in a lot of other ways and he’s already dead. Although it may be too late, she honestly thought he was kind of a pain. Oof. 
Hanako-kun doesn’t deny it, but Nene accepts him and likes him for who he is… as a friend of course! She insists he’s totally not her type and apologizes for acting weird. Hanako-kun nods in understanding. She wants to eat donuts with him together as a form of apology. 
It seemed like Hanako-kun had something special he wanted to say to Nene, but got interrupted by a black crane. 
[I really wanted to know too! Darn.]
The black crane ambushes them and Hanako shields her. Hanako-kun is upset that their important discussion was disturbed and proceeds to slice up the black crane. Pieces of the black crane fall to the ground and a black flame emerges. 
Hanako’s twin appears and remarks about the knife he used back then. After all, Hanako used it to kill him. His cheerful and ominous tone stuns Hanako speechless. His twin comments about the girl he’s protecting and emphasizes that he was killed by him ironically. 
Hanako’s twin continues to inform the two that he had help from his human assistant just to meet him. Hanako-kun is terrified at this point.  Hanako’s  flustered expression indicates his fear of seeing him once more.  Nene pushes Hanako-kun out of the way and purposefully spills the tea on the twin.  
The twin smiled mischievously at Nene before his departure, but he’ll be back. Nene looks on in wonder what happened. She questioned Hanako-kun if he killed him ?  Hanako-kun pinned Nene to the floor with tears.  Nene started to tear up too and asked what’s wrong? After a long pause, Hanako-kun apologizes and leaves for the day. 
Nene picks up the fallen donut and thinks to herself. Who is that boy? Why did he kill him? Unfortunately, she missed those chances. And he didn’t even get to enjoy his favorite food.  
Meanwhile in the broadcast room, Natsuhiko questions that the three might come to pick a fight with them if they found out what it is they’re plotting. It would seem Teru is catching notice as well. 
The green-haired girl isn’t concerned in the least. Hanako’s twin appears and hugs the green-haired girl. The green-haired girl comments that he went out of his way to match his brother’s attire. We finally learn her name is Sakura.  She is in charge of spreading rumors around the school.  
Kou hears about this rumor through his friends and stumbles on an ‘evil spirit’.  He decides to show him off to Nene and Hanako. The ‘evil spirit’ is bewildered at Hanako’s suggestion to get rid of him. However, Kou decided he doesn’t wish to do that anymore. So, Hanako suggested that Kou should work to resolve his regrets to move on. Kou excitedly leaves. 
Nene shows  her concern,  but Hanako reassures her and suggests that she keeps her distance otherwise it’d be a little extra work for him if something does happen. 
This ‘evil spirit’  isn’t too pleased with being ‘manhandled’ and proceeds to accuse Kou of many things. Heh. 

Enjoyment: 8 of 10 

Poor donuts.  Poor Hanako-kun. Poor Nene. 🙁 
I enjoyed this episode, but golly it seemed like such a rollercoaster. 
There’s a lot of questions that went unanswered in this episode and I’m left wanting to know more particularly about Hanako’s past. 
And the supposed evil spirit is funny, cute, and harmless. With a very lively tongue at that. I like him!

What’s Next?

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