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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 8 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun).  In the last episode, Hanako-kun didn’t get to enjoy the donuts made for him by his friends. Just who is the boy that is antagonizing Hanako-kun? And will Kou finally be able to exorcise some actual ‘evil spirits’?
What story shall we hear this time around?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may or may not contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 8 – Mitsuba

Kou heard a rumor and caught himself a ghost at the school entrance. He aims to take care of this ghost’s regrets so that he can rest in peace.

Kou formally introduces himself, but our ghostly friend here continues to insult him as the “lame-ass traffic-safety earring pervert.” Kou proceeds to threaten him with his trusty electric staff! He panics and apologizes for his behavior.

He introduces himself as Mitsuba. However, he is unfriendly and uncooperative until Kou tries to threaten him again out of frustration. Heh. We find out Mitsuba is interested in photography, but he is unsure of what to say when Kou asks him for his regrets out of nowhere.

Mitsuba mentioned there was a photo he wanted to take before he died, so it’s just a matter of taking all the pictures he needs that he never got the chance to. Kou cheerfully accepts his requests.

After some time, Mitsuba and Kou end up bantering. He seemed keener on taking photos of landscapes and animals rather than people, but he remained unsure. Kou offers to be the subject of his photos, but Mitsuba refuses and exclaims he bets Kou only takes dirty photos anyway.

One of Kou’s friends walks up to ask him what he is up to and notices Mitsuba’s camera. We learn a little more about Mitsuba prior to his death.
Apparently, he used to get bullied a lot for being “girly” or “cocky”. He acted more casually and got along with everyone, but people barely notice him anymore as a result. He thought maybe no one pays attention to him now that he’s dead, so it’s what led to the rumors.

Kou decides to insult him with names and then apologizes for not noticing him since he looked so different from the first year he met him. Kou encourages Mitsuba to be himself.
While taking pictures, Mitsuba then wonders if they could have been friends if he was alive. Kou reassures him. Being dead doesn’t mean they can’t be friends.

Mitsuba comes to a realization.

Kou asks what pictures he took and Mitsuba smiles, “something that means a lot to me…I guess.” Kou seems confused but doesn’t question it further when Mitsuba pushes him up the stairs. He tells Kou to stick around until the photos develop tomorrow.
Hanako’s twin appears and Kou already questions who he is. The twin cheerfully remarks about Mitsuba leaving without telling him and proceeds to leave a gaping hole in his chest. Kou becomes enraged and attacks him only to get his head slammed against the wall.

Hanako’s twin continues to confirm with Mitsuba about his wish made to him. Mitsuba’s wish for everyone to remember him. Mitsuba is terrified and Kou tries to stop him, but it was no use.

Hanako’s twin discloses his purpose that he is an apparition that grants whoever summons him a wish and takes one thing in payment. He continues to explain that Amane grants wishes for living people in this life, while he grants them for dead people.

The twin conjures up a radio. Kou is on the floor questioning what he plans to do. The twin speaks enthusiastically to Sakura over the radio that everything is ready.
She obliges and continues to relay the following rumor: A ghost with a broken neck who haunts the junior high entrance. A ghost that gets lonely and might try to talk to you. If you can’t answer by saying his name, he’ll break your neck and make you like him.

Mitsuba transforms and is made into a horror spectacle beyond his control. Kou is furious and unable to do anything for him except just to watch his dear friend suffer the consequences borne of his wish.
Hanako’s twin is still eerily cheerful and assures Mitsuba that no one will forget about him anymore. He tells of The Seven Wonders who are supposed to maintain proper relations between the living realm and the apparitions , but he believes they should just be however they want to be. Even if it means breaking the world.

Hanako’s twin thanks Kou for revealing Mitsuba’s true wish. The stronger the wish, the regret, then the stronger and more definite the apparition can be. Instead of a vague wish like wanting to be remembered by everyone, the meaning changed to wanting friendships and being with his friends forever. Mitsuba’s price for his wish was his “reason”.

The struggle ensues between Kou and Mitsuba dancing in the palm of his hand. Kou feels powerless, hopeless, and defeated. Hanako-kun finally makes an appearance by piercing Mitsuba’s transformation apart and rescues Kou.

Hanako-kun calls out angrily to his brother’s name, Tsukasa and questions why he would do such a thing. Tsukasa looked happy to see him and thought to himself, he just liked the way people looked when they stopped holding it in. Like the time Hanako-kun killed him.
Hanako-kun becomes flustered again and is left speechless. Tsukasa professes his love for Amane and offers to play together again like they used to. He disappears with a smile.

Kou continues to call out to the unconscious Mitsuba and requests Hanako-Kun’s help in turning him back to normal. Hanako-kun looks at him saddened. Kou cries as he calls out to Mitsuba’s many nicknames. Calling out to his friend.

Hanako-kun begins to say it’s pointless. Death is the end. There is no future in death. Wandering amongst the world of the living as a spirit isn’t a continuation of life. If you weren’t able to do something in life, you wouldn’t be able to do it in death either.
He thought Kou might be able to sever Mitsuba’s regrets, his attachment to the living world, but unfortunately, it backfired. Hanako-kun proceeds to end Mitsuba and advises Kou that he shouldn’t be kind to the dead since they have no future. Kou doesn’t take the news too kindly.

Hanako-kun tries to assure him that the act of disappearing might be his salvation. Kou refuses and with determination, he claims to never forgive Tsukasa for what he did to Mitsuba.

Later that evening, Kou finally sees the pictures that Mitsuba took with him and we see him grieving in tears again.

Enjoyment: 9 of 10

My heart hurt for Mitsuba. I was starting to grow on him, but the way he went away wasn’t the kind I was hoping for at all. I thought it was going to be sunshine and rainbows then he can move on. But, that, unfortunately, didn’t happen.

I also appreciate the amount of screen time Kou gets for this episode. He’s so sweet, caring, and understanding.

Hanako-kun does have a point about that in death there is no future. It makes me feel all the more tragic for both Mitsuba and for Hanako. Apparitions have it hard.
I am also upset that Tsukasa did wrong to Mitsuba, his wish wasn’t supposed to be corrupted by the likes of Tsukasa. Why does Sakura listen to this guy anyway?

That mini-short at the end of the conversation between Mitsuba and Kou. It’s so cute and light-hearted. An enjoyable episode. I am now curious about reading the manga for this because there is so much left unsaid. I look forward to the next one!

What’s Next?

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