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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 10 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun).  In the last episode, Nene gets tricked into having a tea party and being sent to another world. With Hanako-Kun’s help, Nene was able to find her way back to him.
What story shall we hear this time around?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may or may not contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 10 – The Hell Of Mirrors, Part 1

We see Kou, Hanako, and Nene hanging out with the Mokke in the girl’s bathroom as usual and Nene shows them the notebook she borrowed from Aoi. Weird photos appear in the book and we get a glimpse of all the hands looking like they’re having a good time. “They’re more funny than creepy”,  Nene says. The hands grow and things just get weirder. 

We’re off to a comedic start where Kou offers to help exorcise them with arm wrestling. He ends up defeated, but it works out anyway. We learn that exorcising lesser spirits are satisfied and disappear once you resolve their desires. So, basically they’d have to play with the hands and give them attention. 

After some time, Kou notices the photographer’s name in the notebook. At the same time, Nene gets pulled in by the hand in the mirror. Hanako-kun tries to pull her out, but to no avail. 

Nene finds herself in a sketchy room with all the wriggly hands  and we find Mitsuba again who looks to be in a daze. Nene takes note of his appearances and it would seem she’s attracted to him too! Mitsuba, being the savage that he is, calls out on her being a daikon. Nene is devastated. 

Mitsuba leads her to a door leading to a towered  room filled with mirrors. All he knows  is that this place is called the Hell of Mirrors and is searching for a way out. Nene bombards him with questions about himself and unfortunately he doesn’t know. 

Nene innocently asks if these arms are his friends and Mitsuba instantly takes offense. He explains that these hands aren’t his and they belong to the Wonder. Mitsuba actually asked these arms to find someone to help him and they so happened to drag Nene along for the ride. 

Nene agrees to help him since he requested. Nene looks on the bright side and has the impression that he’s really a nice boy that’s just scared is all. However, she questions why he keeps his distance. So, she offers to lighten up the situation by offering her knowledge about the boundaries in general. 

Mitsuba calls out that it’s creepy about how much she knows as a living person. Nene is devastated again. By chance, she accidentally injures herself  and finds a suspicious looking Aoi in the mirror?  ‘Aoi’ proceeds to be a savage by calling out on Nene’s ugly daikon legs. Nene screams in horror.  

We learn of the rumor behind the Third Wonder, Hell of Mirrors. A mysterious world where a mirror reflects the hearts of anyone who wanders  in. People with beautiful hearts and brave people are fine, since they can easily get back to their own world. But, if there’s even a little ugliness or fear  in your heart,  the mirror will reflect it.  Your world would suddenly turn into hell and attack you as a result. 

In the meantime, Kou makes attempts to try and enter the boundary while Hanako urges him not to break the mirror.  Hanako-kun explains simply that the Third Wonder  attacks people who have a guilty conscience and its strength changes depending on who’s in it. Hanako-kun grimly denotes that he cannot rush in blindly otherwise he could end up making it stronger.  

Kou and Hanako work together to think up a plan to help save Nene.  Hanako-kun could only wonder what’s going on with Nene. 

Nene is still being subjected to daikon bullying and we see Mitsuba playing along. Nene exclaims it’s not fair and suggests Mitsuba should be daikon-bullied too!  Nene notices it’s not showing anything.  Mitsuba thinks it might be due to him being a ghost or having no memories. 

Nene then suggests they simply need to break Yorishiro. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

The clock chimes and the tower turns dark.  The Third Wonder proceeds to threaten Nene by exchanging places with her. The bird proceeds to call Mitsuba out by saying he’s not worthy of replacement. 

Mitsuba and Nene  become devastated by the opinions of a bird.  The Third Wonder entraps Nene and is ambushed by a swarm of mannequins.  Mitsuba makes an attempt to save her by throwing mirror frames. However, the situation turns more grim and he gets ambushed as well. 

Mitsuba cries out for help and we see Tsukasa coming to the rescue?! 

Nene and Mitsuba watch in horror  as Tsukasa brutally head slams The Third Wonder till blood splatters.  Tsukasa cheerfully checks on Nene to make sure she’s alive and comforts Mitsuba as he cries. Nene is confused.

To be continued . . .

Enjoyment: 8 of 10

I have some mixed feelings about this episode. There’s plenty of funny moments and dark moments. I’m glad to see Mitsuba is back again, but how? I’m curious about the why. Was it Tsukasa’s doing? When I saw Nene was eye-candying Mitsuba about how handsome he is, I was thinking, “What about Hanako-kun? You’re breaking my heart girl.”  

I wasn’t expecting to see Tsukasa coming to save our main protagonists. His way of head slamming the Third Wonder was quite brutal. Why is he here? Why did he want to help Nene and Mitsuba? I can think of a couple of reasons, but I’m curious. He really is a polar opposite of Hanako-kun.  

As much as I enjoy the storytelling, but the pacing seems off. Like, I want to know about the keys from the last episode! I’m asking more questions than getting answers. I’m sure I’ll find out in the next part. 

What’s Next?

Go watch it on Funimation!

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