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Hello! I’ll be reviewing Episode 11 for Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (a.k.a. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun).  In the last episode, Nene gets pulled into an otherworldly place called the Hell of Mirrors. A place where even the slightest fear or ugliness in the heart can be used against you.
What story shall we hear this time around?

Please be aware that I’ll be relaying information that may or may not contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in then.

Episode 11 – The Hell Of Mirrors, Part 2

Nene recaps what Hanako-kun said about the Seven Wonders who are supposed to be unbeatable in their own boundaries. But, Tsukasa made it look easy. 
Tsukasa tells Mitsuba that he’s too weak so he can’t stay in the living world, but in order to get stronger, he must beat a strong apparition and eat it. He takes out the heart of the Third Wonder. Nene can only watch in shock. 
In the meantime, Hanako-kun  and Kou confide in Tsuchigomori for help. Apparently, it’s been 2 hours since Nene was kidnapped from the mirror. Tsuchigomori mentions the boundaries and their  own functions. He proceeds to toss Yako into their arms and informs them of Number 2’s boundary of ‘space’ which can allow them to easily  access any part of the school. 
We learn that the boundary can still exist even though Yako doesn’t hold authority anymore. Yako reluctantly agrees to help. We get to see the Misaki Stairs which turned out to be more beautiful than ever. 
Kou inquires about how Yako felt when her rumors changed and we get a better understanding  of how apparitions are influenced by power behind these rumors. Yako assures him that no matter what shape or form his ghost friend turned into, he was still himself. 
They finally arrive at the door beyond the boundary of the Third Wonder. We see Tsukasa making an attempt to forcefully feed Mitsuba the heart in his hand while Nene tries to stop him.  
Tsukasa grabs her by the head and just before she lands, he stops. He realizes he was supposed to be gentle with girls, he pats her apologetically, and taps her forehead to sleep. 
Hanako-kun and Kou finally arrive at the scene. They find Nene unconscious against the pillar. Hanako-kun sees that she’s only fast asleep and sighs in relief as he hugs her. Kou is relieved as well.
When Kou turns around he finds Mitsuba next to the skeleton of the bird. Kou cries happily in tears as he asks about the well-being of his dear friend. He questions Mitsuba’s hands which  have transformed into bird claws. Mitsuba remains silent. 
Hanako-kun notices something is wrong and warns Kou to get back. Mitsuba being unable to contain his new powers, goes out of control. He mutters to himself in fear wanting help and unintentionally attacks. 
Hanako-kun dodges and deflects the incoming attack. Tsukasa pops  in to check  up on Mitsuba and he cries to him.  Hanako-kun is shocked as to why his little brother is here. 
Tsukasa is excited to see Hanako-kun and hugs him only to get interrupted by Mitsuba’s unintentional attacks again. Mitsuba is in utter confusion as to what’s going on and Tsukasa assures him that these arms are for protecting him and helps calm him down. 
Kou is upset as to what Tsukasa has done to him this time around. Tsukasa then explains that back then he took out a piece of Mitsuba’s soul, his reason, and decided to hold onto it. He artificially created a body by scraping together various lesser spirits and stuck Mitsuba’s soul into it. 
The Mitsuba that Kou knew before doesn’t exist anymore and what he sees now isn’t the same.  Tsukasa goes on to say he’d always wanted to create an artificial human, but he’s a ghost. Kou questions his reasoning, becomes enraged, and attempts to attack him. 
In a flash, Tsukasa and Mitsuba vanish into the center of the tower.  He asks Mitsuba what he’ll do since he has Number 3’s power.  Mitsuba doesn’t wish to disappear so he agrees to become a Wonder whatever it takes. 
Tsukasa grants his  wish and claims that Mitsuba can be whatever apparition he wants to be. Mitsuba wants to be a normal human, but Hanako-kun refuses. After all, the dead are forbidden from living as humans in the land of the living. Hanako requests that he return Number 3’s power back to its rightful place. 
Tsukasa only laughs and mocks his brother about his inability to do anything in Mitsuba’s boundary. Mitsuba is reluctant to fight, but obeys Tsukasa’s order. Hanako-kun and Kou clash with Mitsuba. 
During the clash, Mitsuba created too much ruckus and the rubble began to fall on Nene. The three are shocked and concerned. Mitsuba was able to block the damage on time. Nene wakes up to find that her friends are finally here. 
Mitsuba informs her of what went on and implies that if she destroyed this boundary, it would pose a problem for him.  So, he forcefully sends away the trio back to their original world with the swarm of hands.  Mitsuba bids farewell till they meet again.  
If you get to the end of the theme song, we find out Natsuhiko was able to make it back safely expecting to be welcomed back with open arms from Sakura .To his dismay, that was not the case and finds a new member of the group.  He mutters to himself, “They’re multiplying.”

Enjoyment: 8 of 10

We get to see Tsukasa’s true purpose and he turns Mitsuba into the Third Wonder!  There’s so much going on that I don’t think the story can end here with just 1 more episode left. I cannot predict what’s going to happen next, but I’m enjoying the comedy elements!  
And I still wanted to learn more about Hanako-kun’s past.  I also wanted some more development between Hanako and Nene. Can I have more wholesome moments?  The dynamic between Kou and Mitsuba’s friendship is something I’ll be looking out for as well! 
The mini-short at the end was interesting. It would have definitely been easier to eat chicken hearts if they were grilled. Heh. 
There’s still room for improvement for this anime, so perhaps more can be covered if there’s going to be a next season?

What’s Next?

Go watch it on Funimation!

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